torsdag 11. desember 2014

Luk 11

Jises Christes!
Today I'm komplett alone.
What dæven do I do?
Why shall I do everything self?
This is a rotten kalenderluk to be with in!

Why is it always me hwo has to open the luk?
It's hard to be a nissemann.

That is dæven døtte meg not no to do with.
So is it bare.

I visst I could do it.
Shit! it's på norsk.
Thats just that whats mangeld!
Google overplacer, here I come!
Come time, come roads.
That's enkelt!
Gustav, Wiki and niceminns.
Overhead not, that's not funny i det hele tatt.
Take myself together, so much time have I heller not.
Gynter, Hansi and Fritz so clear.
That must I say, that's good thinking.
Mabye I can use it in another kalenderluk.

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